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Hello everyone,

I'm a photographer located in the wonderful community of Corinth, MS. While this is my second time around in the inspiring field of photography, I first discovered a love for photography many years ago when I borrowed my uncles camera  for a vacation trip. I also had a close friend who was into photography then and encouraged me to buy my first camera. You guessed it that was back in the days when everyone used film. I really enjoyed the art but as many others have experienced life and work take priority over some hobbies.

In 2012, I re-discovered my love for capturing beautiful images. The second time around my love is so much greater, however, this time we are in the digital age and i've got to say things are so much easier and the ability to see your work is instant. I'm always looking for an opportunity to get out there and photograph. I never get tired of taking photos, reading about taking photos or watching videos about taking photos (haha) can you say addicted.

I would say that I am somewhat self-taught, I say that because with the internet and the wealth of information available online I find it hard to believe that now-a-days anyone is 100% self-taught. The internet is a great tool and I use it all the time to help get better at my craft.

I have been blessed to have a wonderful job with Kimberly-Clark corporation for the last 30 years. That blessing has allowed my lovely wife Alfredia and I to go on many adventures and see many of the glorious things the Lord has blessed us with. A special thank you to her for putting up with me and my (let me just get one more shot )comments while on vacation. She is definitely a trooper and she has captured some really good wildlife shots but I don't think they excite her as much as they do me.

In previous years my photography has been mostly wildlife and landscapes but with time permitting I am planning to get more in to headshots, portraits and seniors in the future. So, if you are looking for someone who is ready to create some beautiful work for you and your family then as the young adults say (hit me up).

Photographs - they can make us laugh, or cry, and sometimes they just overpower us with emotions and feelings of wonder. If you need a portrait of your family, your fianc√©, your high school senior or your newborn child; your wife, or wonderful husband just let me know. I'd love to work with you and help create lifelong memories. If you need a corporate headshot for your big break, or social media profile portraits we can do that too. Maybe you want portraits of your employees or of your storefront, or you need some product photography we will work with you to create the look and feel you want represented.   You can reach us via email at: or call/text me at 662-415-2701. I'd love to see if we can help.

Hey, thank you for visiting and while you are here check out the wonderful article in the February 2017 edition of the Community News Flash featuring yours truly :) .

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